sony shooters – skip the #nifty50 and grab the best 85mm on the market

lens review of the Sony G-Master 85mm f/1.4
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FE f/1.4 from #Sony.

skip the #nifty50 and grab the best 85mm on the market

This fast & short-telephoto lens is designed for E-mount mirrorless digital cameras. Its lack of compatibility with other camera systems is a real bummer BUT if you own a modern Sony system and you’re in the market for primes… save a few bucks, skip the #nifty50 and grab the best 85mm on the market (in my opinion) The 85mm Sony #Gmaster

Portrait photographers love this lens, it’s flattering perspective and f/1.4 maximum aperture allow for incredible isolation focus for those who prefer shallow depth of field.

For video makers, once you’ve experienced that wide-open aperture in low-light conditions… you’ll probably trade in your whole kit for fast glass ????
The optics are design to reduce chromatic aberrations (which is really handy for harsh backlight setups) This beauty also stays impressively sharp in most conditions. Even critical focus at f/1.4 is impressive, especially when partnered with that perfectly round #bokeh ????

The images it produces make it one of the best lenses for a professional content creator. I personally think this lens yields amazing contrast and color fidelity when working in any lighting conditions.

Complementing the optical assets, (I’ll complement YOUR optical assets) …we’ve got a NOTABLE 11-blade circular diaphragm to produce smooth, soft-edged bokeh with selective focus imagery. Simply put, it produces the best bokeh balls I’ve seen coming from any lens in this price range ???????????? For controlling focus, the motor is quick and quiet and also lends more responsive control for manual focus operation, and a dedicated focus hold button, AF/MF switch, and manual aperture ring lend further control while shooting.

If you’re looking for high resolution, sharpness, and color accuracy that benefit both photography and cine applications…. the G Master 85mm should be up there on your list. Especially if you own a full-frame camera like the #a7s or #a7r series. These lenses are also compatible with APS-C models like the #a6500 …but you’ll be dealing with about a 1.5x crop factor ????


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