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foundational tools a business should have in place BEFORE the start of ANY paid/organic social media campaigns
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If you’re a content creator like me, a decent amount of your work will probably make an appearance on social media at one point or another. If you’re a business owner & you’re looking to turn a profit utilizing paid ads or content marketing… there are a few things you NEED to know before you start smashing the pavement.

This E-Book is designed to help you educate your clients (or yourself) about the foundational tools a business should have in place BEFORE the start of ANY paid/organic social media campaigns.

After putting this info to use you should be in a position to maximize the value of your social media content & paid advertisements. You’ll also have clarity on HOW & WHERE content marketing comes into play.

3 Common Misconceptions About Content Marketing

1. I can start posting and new customers will appear.

Having a digital footprint for your brand online should always start with showcases credibility & answer any questions that might be stopping your prospect from taking a call to action.

Start Simple With A…

  • website
  • landing page
  • web store with contact or purchasing built-in

You need to CLEARLY define what “success” looks like for them. Meaning, – what do you want out of your campaign? Make sure the place you’re sending web-traffic is ready to collect one or all of the following…

  • leads
  • purchases
  • page views
  • subscribers

2. I can undercut my competition by lowering my prices

If the messaging of your product or service doesn’t solve a very specific problem/speak to your customer’s mindset – marketing a low price point is really just hurting your future customer’s perception of your brand.

Your campaign, content & messaging need to be well thought out in order for any sort of marketing pipeline to work.

Think of it this way – Followers are a byproduct of sales & brand awareness they don’t just happen because you have a social profile.

People usually don’t “follow” or “subscribe” to something that seems kinda cool. They need to love what you do & why you do it. Your brand must offer value to collect like-minded followers. It’s your job to be a good storyteller and educate your followers about your brand. The same goes for making a purchase.

Generally speaking… You’re not going to buy something you don’t know you need. Especially if you don’t know anything about the person you’re buying it from

3. I can just copy big brand marketing.

Big brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars A DAY on some of their social media ads/campaigns. Copying a big brand messaging, ad style & target marketing isn’t just a stupid, you’re going to lose a lot of money competing with an ad budget you absolutely can’t compete with… looking like a cheap imitation.

Confused about how much running social ads cost monthly? …there is a good reason for that. Here are some of the variables.

  • Content marketing can utilize something as simple as an iPhone video or as complicated as a full-scale production
  • Agencies can be paid a fixed monthly rate or a percentage of your ad spend depending on what works better for you and your team
  • Social Media ad budgets are priced out according to DAILY SPEND PER CAMPAIGN or a lump sum SEASONAL MARKETING BUDGET

A SAFE & SIMPLE EXAMPLE: If your products & services can make $50 in profit per order, if they solve a SPECIFIC NEED and if your customers psychographic is CLEARLY defined…

Social ads are a GREAT move for your business. (“UPFRONT AD SPEND” a single conversion from a cold customer audience can cost anywhere between $5 – $10 per sale – on average – this is before any re-marketing or email marketing takes place)

I’ve run seasonal (3 months long) campaigns that have generated clients over $150K with a total marketing budget costing just under $11K

I’ve run 2 week long campaigns that cost $100 & made $1,100

I’ve run also run campaigns that JUST COULDN’T break even… slowly bleeding $2.5K over a 6-month span 🙁

I can tell you from experience…

The only way to build successful campaigns is by understanding what problem you are solving, who is having that problem & what your profit margin looks like.

Yes, it’s really that simple… and also complicated.

In the next sections of this guide we will review:

– The “Go/No Go” Content Marketing Check List
– Marketing Mindset Practices To Help You Nail Content Marketing
– Conclusions On What Action You Should Be Taking Next weather you’re a business owner or a content creator…

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