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Stabilizing Your Smartphone Camera’s ImageBROWSE PRO MOBILE BUYERS GUIDE

How To Get Your Images To Look Sharp & What Equipment Will Improve Your Smartphone Camera’s Overall Image Stability For Photo/Video

Even if you have an abundant light source It’s still possible for your smartphone camera to produce blurry photos due to camera shake or slow shutter movement. Your best bet is to try to use a stabilizer when possible. Unlike standard cameras, smartphones don’t come with a standard 1/4-20 UNC tripod screw whole. There are tons of pressure grip smartphone tripod mount adapters on the market… And surprisingly better the build quality doesn’t always mean a higher price. (For more product recommendations please visit my “pro mobile buyers guide”)

The second thing you’ll want is a tripod. This one is up to your personal preference but I do have a suggestion for those who want to travel lite…

So you’ve got your tripod adapter and your tripod for stabilization but every time you go and tap the shutter bottom you’re creating camera shake… Well, guess what, I’ve got a solution for that too. – remote shutter – this handy little remote shutter will allow you to trigger your camera without you ever having to touch the screen. It also always lets you control your camera from a distance. Super handy for group portraits.

These three products are the trifecta for taking perfectly crisp images. 

Lastly, for those of you doing video – DJI gimbal – these amazing little gadget will keep your smartphone camera level to the ground at all times allowing you to get buttery smooth follow shots, pans, tilts, push-ins, lifts, up ways, down ways & whatever other ways you can think of. Miniature gimbals like this one are one of the best tools for getting the feel of your footage to mimic that of the big screen.

Smartphone Camera's Pros & Cons

Using your smartphone as a professional content creation tool means working within it’s limitations.  Traditional DSLR/mirrorless cameras allow for more control but that comes with the trade-off of having to take the time to make adjustments. It’s not all bad news… Despite its disadvantages, a smartphone camera is designed to save you time. Understanding how to use a smartphone camera’s strengths will get you good results often, it will get you to them fast and save you time in between setups.


The last tip that I leave you with is one of the most important & often the most overlooked. 

Clean your lens! Your smartphone camera is constantly coming into contact with, lint from your pockets & oil from your fingertips. Investing in a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning wipes like these might seem like a nerdy thing to do but I promise you, you’ll be thankful you had it with you.

To expand on that, I recently picked up a case for my iPhone 11 Pro with a built-in lens cap system. It pays to protect your camera’s glass. Smartphone lenses might not show it but they do get worn out over time.

This case is available on Amazon, I love it. It has been keeping my phone’s camera debris-free and allows me to worry about putting my phone in a bag, pocket, or accidentally placing it down quickly. Best of all, it’s less expensive than 50% of phone cases out there. Great deal, would recommend.

This concludes the complete guide to creating pro content with your smartphone camera. I really hope you found it insightful & I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. I’ll be creating more free guides & paid products in the near future. I’d love to know more about what you might be looking for! Feel free to email me and join my mailing list below. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading. Have a good one!

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