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Coming Out | Series Pilot

“A new pilot from the brain of Leah Kreitz, Coming Out is the story of Sam. Sam was scared of the world. Sam locked herself inside, but the world kept spinning…and spinning…and spinning. Now her friends, her family, and maybe the government are here to give her the push she needs to get back out there – hopefully the world hasn’t spun too far. In the kooky comedy style of “Kimmy Schmidt” meets “The Good Place” with meta conventions à la “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” & “Fleabag”, Coming Out is the story that no one knew they’d be living loving this year.
 Living is a strikethrough”

The story focuses on a woman named Sam. Her lingering anxiety surrounds the idea of leaving her apartment as a result of steady societal decline.

Originally conceptualized in 2018 with intentions of becoming a dark comedy, this piece has become a bit more relatable to 2020’s state of affairs than we could have imagined.

After the series treatment was written, the first episode was independently funded & produced. Upon completion, the pilot/proof of concept would again be circulated to acquire funds. The final product is a series of 10 min episodes… Nearing the final steps of post-production the world became a much different place & our focus began to shift.

Now… we’re asking for your support in leveraging this short as a means of raising awareness and encouraging donations to “CityHarvest.org”. We hope you’re positively impacted by “Coming Out” and share in our enjoyment of how it has become one of the most accidentally on-the-nose shorts ever made… But more importantly, we hope you’ll help positively impact those who need it most during the pandemic.

We’ve put a lot of time into crafting the off-putting universe that is “Coming Out” but …The world is basically on fire and we think this pilot brings the worst-case scenario of COVID-19 aftermath to light. Some of us might already find ourselves identifying with Sam more than we’d like… especially those of us suffering from underlying mental health issues.

Helping encourage donations for a good cause is the least we could do. Filmmaking continues to be one of the best tools to impact the way people think. We hope this sort inspires new ideas & moves people emotionally. Generally speaking, people don’t remember much but we believe they ALWAYS remember the way something makes them feel. Best case scenario, we’d love to see this pilot become a series that leaves people with memorable feelings and powerful ideas.

…A series that inspires people taking proactive measures in the present so none of us ever live like Sam in the future.

A creative collaboration between Speakly Media & Hapa Media


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