The Content Marketing Mindset

Excersises to help you understanding your brand positioning & discovering your true audience...
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Marketing Mindset Practices

Before drafting copy or creating visual content for your ads + social posts it’s important to consider the following…

The challenge is to find a place you’d like to live… or at the very least a place full of people who would benefit from your product or service… Once you’ve got a solid target market in mind you need to offer value… or at the very least say something worthwhile in order to get their attention.

  • Who are you and why are you different?
  • What kind of people make up your true audience?
  • How do your ideal customers communicate?
  • What’s your “brand voice” sound like and why?
  • What’s your service/products true “value proposition”
    • Understand not just what you sell but why you sell it

Good marketing is a lot of work and if you put in the time you’ll be rewarded. If you think you can beat the system or you’re going to make some viral content and be an overnight success… you’re sadly mistaken.

9 times out of 10 that 30 seconds “viral video” took more than 30 days of back end work before it showed up on your phone screen… and that’s a kind assessment.

  • Do my services or offerings have a SPECIFIC value that remedies a SPECIFIC problem for my customer?
    • While studying your customer’s interests and behaviors try positioning your product/service marketing dead center of the marketplace of your ideal customer – then take it one step further…
    • Pinpoint something about your brand that might cause an individual to pick you over a competitor
  • Use your marketing to show them how/why you’re brand is a better solution
    • We want to stay “in orbit” of your competitors
    • We want to highlight why we’re different
    • We want to use what makes us a unique brand better resonate with a given individual
    • Our goal is to create “Brand Gravity” leading with what your customers identify with rather than depending on what we’re selling, alone
  • Understanding/staying on top of industry trends is a great way to continue to “orbit your marketplace.”
    • Once you can identify the specific needs of your audience/customers you’ll be better able to craft your messaging & marketing to suit their needs.
  • Don’t copy other brands and depend on lowering prices – highlight what’s unique about your brand

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