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Lightroom presets to help get your food photos "featured" on instagram
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Adobe Lightroom Preset Pack Designed For Smartphone Food Photography

By  mrksylvstr

This Adobe Lightroom .xmp (file type) preset pack is designed to help get your iPhone food photography MORE engagement on social media…

Pro iPhone photography is becoming the new industry standard on social media surrounding hospitality, bars & restaurants. These ten Lightroom presets are designed to give your iPhone food photography a look that gets noticed. These presets will give your photos a visible advantage… After applying, your photos will share the look & feel of the most popular #foodie content on Instagram. Modeled from the unique looks utilized by regularly trending #foodie influencers/content creators… 

This preset-pack is SUPER easy to use. 

Just browse the included before & after photos for lighting, color & composition inspiration.

Then simply apply the preset that best fits your photo!

This pack is perfect for #foodie bloggers, Instagram influencers, restaurant managers/owners, professionals as well as content creators who are just getting started with Lightroom.

  • Simply match top trending looks
  • Save HOURS of time editing photos
  • Get delectable looking results

iPhone photos & preset-pack created by @mrksylvstr

Works with Adobe Lightroom CC + Adobe Camera Raw version 9.2.1 or later.
Designed for photos taken with Lightroom mobile app in DNG raw.
Looks great on standard photos taken native smartphone camera app.


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