120 Instagram Story Templates For Adobe After Effects

Template-based Instagram story designs to increase customer conversions
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Turn Followers Into Customers With Editable Instagram Story Templates

If you are a content creator who is already familiar with after effects, this is the perfect tool to help you get your Instagram stories & sponsored posts looking professional & organized fast. I personally already use these high converting Instagram story designs to help speed up the content creation process and deliver more value to my clients. The Instagram Stories are template-based and designed to help increase your customer conversions. The layer comps are fully customizable. If you’re just getting started with Adobe After Effects the documentation these templates come with is super helpful. With a bit of practice, you’ll be creating beautifully branded Instagram stories in no time.

Instagram stories are one of the best ways to regularly engage with your audience. Simple Instagram story posts are fast & effective when it comes to reminding your audience about your brand. Frequently posting uniquely branded content is a great way to generate more engagement and encourage followers to become customers. As important as it is for your Instagram to build up a strong following of interested community members, you’ll need to do your best to encourage those like-minded followers to check out/purchase your business’s unique offerings.

If you’re in the process of organizing a strategy for your Instagram content marketing plan, templatizing your Instagram stories is one surefire way to maximize your campaign results. After Effects is a great program that can help you create super engaging content… The downside, building beautiful animation compositions can take hours of work & years of experience. After 10+ years of creating content for brands, I’ve researched countless workflows & watched hundreds of hours of tutorials on after effects. I wish someone would have told me “Don’t waste your time trying to build beautiful animations for social media from scratch” before I spent all that time trying to do it myself instead of utilizing the work of professionally built templates.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a social media content creator, an agency owner, or an entrepreneur with a passion for animation… Instagram Story Template packs like this one are essential to get you started & save you time. They are super affordable and easy to use. The documentation provided by VideoHive that comes with these templates is very straight forward. Even a business owner with NO experience in after-effects will probably be able to make use of this after a few hours of practice.

I personally use this template pack to make content for my clients. Its templates are particularly great for creating Instagram stories to convert followers into customers & encouraging followers to sign up for events/seminars.

If you’re thinking about running sponsored ads or Instagram stories for the first time… Either for yourself or a business you work with, I’d suggest giving this template pack or one like it a look.

It’s fully customizable and can be adjusted to fit the branding of most businesses. It will make it impossible for you to forget to include; a call to action, product/service highlights, or a small list of benefits. It will save you countless hours on youtube & leave you with engaging Instagram stories that look fresh and professional. Most importantly, this template pack will encourage sales and leads by helping you encourage your followers to take action!

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