Pro Creator's Mobile Content Mastery

A free guide on creating photo & video content with your iPhone, Pixel or Droid to rival that of professional DSLR/mirrorless cameras


1. Smartphone Camera Basics

2. Capturing The Perfect Exposure

3. Lighting & Color Temperature

4. Complimenting Your Subject

5. Adjusting Exposure & Focus

6. Smartphone Content Creation Pro Tips

Do I need to invest in professional camera equipment or can I just use my smartphone camera? 

Guide OverviewContent Creation Buyers Guide Coming Soon

Hello internet friends, I’m @mrksylvstr & today I’m here to help you get the most out of your Smartphone Camera as a content creation tool.  

If you’ve ever made money as a result of social media posts OR you run a boutique social media agency then you’ve probably already realized the kind of impact good content marketing can make on your bottom line…

Cameras are tools, there is a right and wrong camera for every job. A better camera won’t make you a better storyteller… However… Good content comes from great storytelling. Utilizing better gear effectively means having a better understanding of the craft… 

In this free guide, we’ll review the major difference between “professional cameras” like. Mirrorless/DSLR, Cinema Camera & Simple Smartphone Cameras.  

Then we’ll get into the theory behind how you can create your best work with minimal equipment.

Your smartphone camera is a powerful content creation tool.

My hope is that at the end of this guide you’ll have enough of a foundational understanding of cameras to make great content with the gear you already own…

And for tech enthusiasts like me… I’ll try to help you focus on buying what you actually need for your business.

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