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Constructing A Narrative – Testimonial Video Editing

…about the process of finding & constructing a narrative within testimonial video content for short form & long form facebook video ads.

iPhone Pro… Friend Or Foe?

Smartphone cameras evolve and continue to disrupt the creative-market. While this may be gamer changers for small business, content creators must adapt to survive. It’s time for creative professionals to get ahead by considering how smartphones, social media & online ads might be changing their industry…

A TV Show For Your Quarantine

The story focuses on a woman named Sam. Her lingering anxiety surrounds the idea of leaving her apartment as a result of steady societal decline.

sony shooters – skip the #nifty50 and grab the best 85mm on the market

#85mmgmaster FE f/1.4 from #Sony. skip the #nifty50 and grab the best 85mm on the market This fast & short-telephoto lens is designed for E-mount mirrorless digital cameras. Its lack of compatibility with other

Mark Sylvester's Content Creation Portfolio + Blog

My “blog-folio” is made up of articles surrounding my recent social media & content creation work. Looking for something specific? You may want to filter through select categories &/or tags to narrow down your search.

  • I use the categories filter to highlight the type of work I’m writing about …as well as the ideas and topics in a given article.
  • I mention hardware & creative tools with tags. My tags are usually brand-related but in some cases can be a bit general surrounding industry-specific tools.

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