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Mark Sylvester - Content Marketing Consultant

Hi, I’m Mark Sylvester. I am a marketing consultant, content creator & social media ad strategist located in Bushwick, Brooklyn NY. I am also a tech enthusiast with a serious love for cameras, drones, and electronic gadgets.

Creating Highly Engaging Social Content Campaigns

High engagement content marketing starts with deeply understanding your audience. I’ve worked in digital content production for nearly 10 years, capturing & directing tv/web video spots, content for social media, as well as shooting & editing films. When it comes to social media, I’ve spent the last 6 years learning by doing. My industry experience in the commercial video world laid the foundation but working to help brands one on one allowed me to gain insight surrounding many different “social tribes.”  One big thing I’ve learned over & over when it comes to social… KNOWING is just the beginning. DOING is where real learning beings.  Effective e-com campaigns & click funnels thrive on well-crafted content marketing. Increasing reach & revenue will always require you to engage & learn from your audience.

…In a short span of time I’ve managed to make some sizable impacts for all sorts of clients by utilizing paid ads & content marketing campaigns in innovative ways.

If you want to get a bit more granular…  

Here is a simple case study about how I helped a local restaurant group in New York yield a 30X ROI by focusing on the needs of their audience from the point of view of the customer.

Here’s an article about how my creative & strategy helped a “start up” tequila brand stand out among global brands by focusing on local NYC.

Co-Founder Speakly Media

My day-to-day work surrounds operating a cross platform marketing company I co-founded with my partner Mike O’Brien. We help businesses by consulting with their sales & marketing teams. We also build, research & strategize with brands developing e-commerce stores.

It’s our job to conceptualize and create effective marketing content, lead-gen and direct-to-sale campaigns and then train internal team members to make the most of them. Our company is called “Speakly Media“, it’s a full-service marketing company that handles all things digital.

Our clients work with us in; web-dev, SEO, photo – social ad & broadcast content – 3D animation, email marketing, as well as Instagram & Facebook marketing…

But our core competency is a bit more specific… Using our time-tested process and your industry experience we discover what makes you uniquely valuable to your niche, where you stand in your vertical, and how to position your brand to make money online through content marketing.

We’re great at it & if you have a brand of your own, we’d love to help 🙂

Recently I’ve become fixated on transitioning from working with brands to making an impact helping self starters & solo-entrepreneurs. I’m here now to share some of what he has learned with creators. My goals are to help them get started in making a better life for themselves by sharing what’s experiences came from my failures & successes.

Digital Storytelling

Storytelling is a big part of what I do on a regular basis & I think it’s important to be selective in who and what I construct narratives for. Brands lacking transparency & straying from ethical practices are a non-starter. More and more often, social media connects like minded individuals only to have them argue among themselves. Lazy marketing relies on controversial topics to act as engagement magnets.

Positive or negative, messaging on social can affect the way people think and feel. Particularly younger people who are still developing psychologically.

Now more than ever we need to focus on creating content that positively impacts people’s well-being rather than trying to tear them apart.

It’s easy to become upset, we could all use a reminder to stay positive…

That’s why I believe it’s important to focus on turning big ideas & memorable feelings into meaningful & engaging stories…

Work + Life Balance

In my free time you’ll find me learning about new tech, on the hunt for fantastic Mexican food, taking long exposures in big open outdoor spaces or preforming camera experiments. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please come back soon!

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